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plated food

a plated style dinner is the most traditional style reception. this is when all the guests are seated and served a formal dinner. typically, it consists of two courses (an appetizer and an entrée), plus dessert if it’s served table side. everyone is usually served the same appetizer and then the main course is typically pre-selected when guests return their rsvp or you may elect to serve all guests a duet and only get dietary/allergy rsvps for guests that need that option. view sample menus below.

a family-style meal is exactly as it sounds: everyone is seated as big platters and bowls of food are passed around the table. platters are meant for sharing, rather than as individual plates. this is a great option if you want to keep people seated at tables but don’t want something as formal as a plated meal. the first course is most often still served as individual plates followed by the family-style main course, which typically includes two proteins and two sides. view sample menus below.

family style dinner
family style
buffet style dinner food

a buffet features long tables topped with a wide variety of food options. this style offers variety for your guests, making it particularly desirable if you do not want to have to obtain meal selections in advance. often clients will choose to begin their buffet-style reception with a plated salad, which can be served or pre-set at the tables. we take pride in our buffet-style food presentation, offering our clients multiple styles of service ware to select from. our account executives will work with clients about how many buffet setups are appropriate for their guest count and appropriate locations to ensure a seamless and expedited service. view sample menus below.


stations are very similar to buffets in that they give your guests a nice variety of food options. stations typically have tables or areas specifically dedicated to certain dishes or types of foods. these are often more interactive and can include chef-manned stations. this is a great opportunity to get creative and inject your personality or cuisines from your background into your reception menu. view sample menus below.

meat and cheese board
taco station sign
lobster roll

a tasting-style menu is great for receptions with smaller guest counts. this could include micro weddings, company wine dinners, or even an intimate rehearsal dinner. this style includes smaller portions of multiple courses, typically four to six, for guests to enjoy. guests will receive the same plate for each course with dietary and allergen meals being accounted for. we typically recommend wine pairings with this style of service. view sample menus below.

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we are more than happy to create custom menus. the catering outfit can do anything from a backyard bbq with our smoker on-site to a four-course plated reception with synchronized dinner service. with our wood grill, smoker or our spit roaster we can offer interactive food stations, on-site to our clients. we also love creating menus from upscale southern fares, moroccan feasts, italian family style dinners with housemade pasta to around-the-world-themed food stations. view sample menus below.

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