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wedding | private estate, free union | 155 guests | summer 

passed hors d'oeuvres

steak n' potatoes (gf)

seared tenderloin, duck fat "hash brown" potato round, truffle aioli

spicy tempura shrimp

sambal mayo, sweet soy, served with miniature forks

avocado toast (v)

avocado salad, cotija & pomegranate, toasted pretzel round

wild mushroom beignets (v)

caramelized mushrooms, truffle aioli

carciofi (gf, v)

fried artichoke hearts, rosemary aioli

lobster toast

marinated lobster, fine herbs, orange, lemon crème fraiche, pretzel round

plated salad

summer burrata (gf, v)

whole domestic buratta, heirloom tomatoes, fresh local chile’s orchard peaches, shaved vegetable salad, peach & golden balsamic vinegar, basil pesto, evoo, maldon

buttermilk scallion biscuits

hot honey whipped butter

family-style mains

seared seabass (p, gf)

seared sustainably sourced chilean seabass, chermoula

asian inspired chicken & waffles

crispy brined chicken thigh, hot hungry hills honey, jalapeno-corn waffle, kimchi

family-style sides

chilled green bean salad (vn)

showwalter's apple cider house-made vinegar & soy marinated french beans, toasted sesame seeds

grit congee (v)

byrd mill stone ground grits, charred corn, english peas, scallions, ginger, toasted sesame oil, benne seeds, soy sauce

late night snacks

tco ham biscuits

va country ham, brown sugar butter, yeast roll

pimento biscuits

red pepper jelly, pimento cheese

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