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birthday party | residence backyard, charlottesville | 30 guests | summer lobster boil

summer starter table

devilish eggs (gf, v)

deviled egg assortment, selection of traditional &  pimento with crispy bacon lardon

grilled quahogs (p)

top neck clams, house linguica, garlic & onion, grass fed butter, panko

farmers stand (v,gf)

quick pickled local vegetables, black garlic duke’s mayo, bamboo cones

olives (v,gf)

castlevetrano olives, oil cured tomatoes, evoo, banuyls vinegar, grilled scallion, oregano, sweet paprika

buffet dinner

lobster boil (gf)

“easy peel” maine lobster tails & claws, new potatoes, sweet corn, andouille & italian sausage, drawn butter

chicken (gf)

skewered, wood-grilled boneless skinless chicken thigh, herbs, fresh lemon, shallots & sea salt, cucumber yogurt

heirloom tomato caprese (v,gf)

heirloom tomatoes, torn burrata, basil, evoo, maldon, cracked pepper, balsamic reduction

farmers market tomatoes  (v,gf)

sliced, sea salt

chilled cucumber (v,gf)

dill & crème fraîche

crisp romaine salad (v,gf)

served chilled, green goddess dressing

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