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caviar made from sturgeons caught along the rivers of bordeaux. osetra sturgeon were traditionally fished from the caspian sea, but this highly-regarded species is now raised by caviar experts in aqua farms all over the world. after at least a decade of care, the sturgeon to grow into maturity, producing glistening, large eggs that are carefully processed and malossol cured. with a color ranging from dark to light amber brown and a pronounced, pleasingly nutty flavor and creaminess, this french osetra caviar is sure to be appreciated by the caviar novice and connoisseur alike. each tin is handpicked and selected for its color, size, freshness, flavor and texture.


included in caviar box 


spoon (2 ½ inch) (1 pc) 

traditional mother of pearl spoon


lemon (vn, gf) (1 ea.)

lemon half (2), mesh bag 


chives (vn, gf) (2 oz) 

finely minced chives


blini (v) (12 pcs) 

buckwheat (6) & blonde (6)


red onion (vn, gf) (4 oz) 

finely minced


creme fraiche (v, gf) (4 oz) 

french style cultured cream


hard eggs (v, gf) (8 oz) 

finely minced hard boiled local farm eggs, whites (4 oz) & yolks (4 oz)


crostini (vn)  (4 oz) 

marie bette skinny baguette, evoo, maldon


potato (vn, gf)

boiled mixed peewee potatoes, evoo, maldon


gaufrette (vn, gf) (4 oz) 

criss cut skin on kettle chips, maldon

caviar box with 2 oz caviar star french osetra sturgeon caviar

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