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the catering outfit is a locally-owned, boutique culinary design firm specializing in unique experiences for celebrations in the lives of our clients. we create immersive and interactive food-driven experiences using menus that are consistent with the season. we source locally, regionally and sustainably.
craft cuisine & concept production

the catering outfit was founded in 1999 by walter slawski, a man who loves to share his passion for food. walter has built a management team that shares his desire to provide creative yet classic experiences for the company’s clients and their guests while focusing on local and seasonal cuisine.

Fried chicken on crackers with hot sauce
Grilling veggies
Table settings at a wedding venue
exceptional service

the catering outfit’s experienced staff will execute all aspects of your event, working with you from conception through completion, and providing you with the freedom and confidence to enjoy every moment as it happens.


we offer both social and corporate parties, exciting menu options, including farmers market-inspired brunch, bountiful buffet luncheons, casual picnics, and artisan barbeque. we take great pride in producing memorable events. it is not uncommon for us to sit down and create a custom menu from scratch after meeting with our clients. we want to be bold. we want to put in front of you food you never knew you loved.

Shrimp soup
Three drinks
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