Top 6 Things We Are Thankful For…

All month long my friends, acquaintances, and family have been doing the 30 days of Thankfulness on Facebook. Everyday I read about how they are thankful for their jobs, friends, family, dogs, babies, cars, food, house, flowers, clothes, shoes, etc. Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving and you are supposed to think of things to be thankful for I thought I would share our top 6 things we are most thankful for as a catering company.



#6. Pinterest � As a coordinator and planner I am thankful for Pinterest and the ever-flowing ideas and inspirations it gives me. It gets me excited to use new items or gives me a new idea on how to make something we have a little more interesting. Although, sometimes it does give people unrealistic ideas�it�s still fun to see all the possibilities.



#5. Talented and Willing Staff � A team is only as good as it�s weakest player and we don�t mean to brag (well, we kind of do), but our staff is almost as good as it gets. We are so lucky to have such amazing, strong, willing staff members on our team. They go out of the way to make us look good and without them we couldn�t do some of the events we pull off. Both our Front of House and Back of House team members contribute so much to this company and we are most thankful!



#4. Local Food � Charlottesville is all about organic & local which only works in our favor. The original produce & meats and the flavors that come from them that are found in and around Albemarle County is beyond our imagination. We are so thankful for the farmers that believe that home grown is better then mass produced because it not only gives us the chance to create delicious meals for our clients but it gives us flexibility in what we can offer and what we can specialize for our clients! It�s a win-win for us and we LOVE it!



#3. Our Chef – As a Director of Events I am probably most thankful for my wonderful and talented chef! He pulls his weight every day and I never have to wonder what is going to go on the table. Being able to be confident in what I put in front of our guests, whether at tastings or events, is one of the things I am most thankful for. The fact that he also manages to put up with my constant �ideas� that are sometimes (almost always) not doable, productive, or just plain ridiculous is no easy feat and he somehow doesn�t (always) laugh at them. He is definitely our backbone�(but don�t tell him I said so�).



#2. Beautiful Venues � We are in the middle of one of the most beautiful places on the East Coast and, arguably, the country. As an off-site caterer we have the chance to go to some of the most breathtaking, historic, and just down right beautiful venues that we wouldn�t get to otherwise. Not all of them are built for catering and we definitely have our challenges with venues but over all there isn�t anywhere else I would rather work then in the gardens at UVA or Monticello. Simply beautiful.


#1. What is our number one thing we are most thankful for? It is a pretty simple answer and we all agree hands down�we are definitely most thankful for our wonderful and extraordinary clients! From weddings to business meetings they are what makes coming to work everyday exciting and different. We never know what curveballs they will throw at us and we love watching them enjoy our food and our atmosphere. We definitely wouldn�t be here without them! Their feedback and word of mouth is always helpful and their ideas and desires challenge us almost daily. Our repeat clients are absolutely the best and we are so thankful to not only count them as clients but many of them we consider friends and you just can�t get better then that!!


So in a nutshell, that is what we are thankful for. At the end of the day we are simply thankful for each and every person, client or staff, that graces us with their presence and support and most of all we are thankful for each other. From our table to yours�.Happy Thanksgiving!